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Monetary and Economic Policy Problems Before, During, and After the Great War

Monetary and Economic Policy Problems Before, During, and After the Great War: Richard M. Ebeling, Ludwig von Mises
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Autor(en) Ludwig von Mises Verlag Liberty Fund, Inc.
Herausgeber Richard M. Ebeling
Sachgebiet(e) Österreichische Schule, English Books ISBN 978-0-86597-833-1
2012, 432 Seiten, Taschenbuch

The present volume is devoted to some of Mises's earliest writings. As with the second volume in the series ("Between the Two World Wars"), the articles that compose this book include Mises's policy memoranda, essays, and speeches that were found in a formerly secret KGB archive in Moscow. The articles have two primary focuses: First, they reveal Mises's thoughts on the monetary, fiscal, and general economic policy problems of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before and during World War I; and second, they focus on his thoughts on the new postwar Austrian Republic after the dismantling of the Habsburg monarchy.

An appendix to the volume includes a curriculum vitae that Mises's great-grandfather prepared for the Habsburg emperor in 1881 as part of his ennoblement, which gave him and his heirs the hereditary title of "Edler von." Also included is a talk that Mises delivered at his private seminar at his office in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce in the spring of 1934 on the topic of the methodology of the social sciences.

For those who may be familiar with Mises's more theoretical works on various themes of monetary theory and policy-capitalism, socialism, interventionism, market economy, and the like-the general nature and workings of the articles found in this volume offer a different perspective on Mises as an applied economist.

Source: Liberty Fund, Inc.

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