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Judgement and Sachverhalt

Judgement and Sachverhalt: James M. DuBois

An Introduction to Adolf Reinach's Phenomenological Realism

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Zustand Neu Versandfertig in ca. 2 bis 4 Werktagen
Autor(en) James M. DuBois Verlag Springer Verlag GmbH
Sachgebiet(e) Philosophie, English Books ISBN 978-0-7923-3519-1
1995, 176 Seiten, Festeinband/Hardcover

Series: Phaenomenologica, Vol. 132

Adolf Reinach was one of the leading figures of the Munich and Göttingen circles of phenomenology, and Husserl's first real co-worker. Although his writings are highly original and remarkably clear, Reinach's tragic death in the First World War prevented him from formulating a definitive statement of his phenomenology, leaving his name virtually unknown to all but a small circle.
In his ground-breaking study, Judgment and Sachverhalt, DuBois shows how Reinach succeeds in developing a realist ontology and epistemology based on rigorous argumentation and phenomenological elucidation. Drawing from numerous texts and the developments of Reinach's students and colleagues - Roman Ingarden, Alexander Pfänder and Dietrich von Hildebrand above all - DuBois presents, refines and defends Reinach's `phenomenological realism'. Confrontations of Reinach's theories of states of affairs, concepts and speech acts with the work of contemporary authors like Chisholm and Searle allow readers to evaluate Reinach's philosophy, not only in the light of the later developments of Husserl, but also in the light of certain Anglo-American developments.
Quelle: Springer Verlag


Introduction. I: Judgments and States of Affairs. 1. What is a Judgment? 2. Intentionality, Presentations, and Intuitive Fullness. 3. States of Affairs and Relations. 4. Nonstandard Instances of Judgment. 5. Evidence, Knowledge, and Belief. II: Negation and Correspondence. 1. Autonomy and Heteronomy in the Realm of States of Affairs. 2. Building Up States of Affairs in and for Acts of Meaning. 3. Negative Properties and Logical Concepts. III: Insight and the A Priori. 1. The Nature of a priori Necessity. 2. A priori States of Affairs: Synthetic and Analytic, Formal and Material. 3. Towards an Ontology of Essences and Concepts. 4. Insight and Argumentation. IV: Logic and Arithmetic. 1. The Intersection of Logic, Psychology, and Judgment. 2. States of Affairs and the Science of Demonstration. 3. Numbers and Predication. V: The Discovery of Social Acts. 1. Social Acts as Nonjudging Statements. 2. The Uninventability and Indefinability of the Promise. 3. Reinachian Objects. VI: Reinach as Phenomenologist. 1. The Phenomenological Attitude. 2. The Ideal Amidst the Real. 3. Towards a 'Subjective' Grounding of Social Acts. Bibliography. Index.
Quelle: Springer Verlag

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