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Government: Servant or Master?

Government: Servant or Master?: Hardy Bouillon, Gerard Radnitzky
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Zustand Neu Versandfertig in ca. 2 bis 4 Werktagen
Autor(en) Verlag Rodopi
Herausgeber Hardy Bouillon, Gerard Radnitzky
Sachgebiet(e) Radikalliberalismus, English Books ISBN 90-5183-477-2

1993, XLVI, 322 pp., english
edited by Gerard Radnitzky and Hardy Bouillon
Posnan Studies in the Philosophie of the Sciences and the Humanities, Vol. 30


  • Gerard RADNITZKY: Introduction: The ominous growth of the monstrous Leviathan.
  • Arthur SELDON: Politicians for or against the people.
  • Gerard RADNITZKY: Private rights against public power: The contemporary conflict.
  • Anthony de JASAY: Is limited government possible?
  • Hardy BOUILLON: Mastering the growth of government: A muzzle for Leviathan.
  • Anthony de JASAY: Ownership, agency, socialism.
  • Peter BERNHOLZ: Necessary and sufficient conditions to end hyperinflations.
  • Gerhard SCHWARZ: The deterioration of Switzerland's economic system policy.
  • Hans Otto LENEL: The three turns in West Germany since 1948 - considered from the viewpoint of the theory of economic systems.
  • Antony FLEW: Educational services: Abuses of state monopoly.
  • Jacob W.F. SUNDBERG: Revenue-only taxes vs. multipurpose taxes: Philosophy and implementation In Swedish high tax society.
  • Steve PEJOVICH: Political and economic reforms in Eastern Europe: The case of Yugoslavia.
  • Peter BERNHOLZ: Necessary conditions for totalitarianism: Supreme values, power and personal interest.

Quelle: Rodopi
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