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Eco-Imperialism: Paul K. Driessen

Green Power, Black Death

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Autor(en) Paul K. Driessen Verlag Merril Press
Sachgebiet(e) Öko-Wahn und Umweltschutz, English Books ISBN 0939571234

2003, 182 p., paperback

"Driessen does a masterful job of stripping away the radicals' mantle of virtue, dissecting their bogus claims and holding them to the moral and ethical standards they have long demanded for everyone except themselves. And he does so with humor, outrage and passion - and always without pulling any punches. Every concerned citizen and policy maker should read this book. Many environmentalists will hate it. The world's destitute masses will love it. And everyone will be challenged by it to reexamine their beliefs and the environmental establishment's claims."
Introduction to Eco-Imperialism by Niger Innis, National Spokesman, Congress of Racial Equality

"Eco-Imperialism: Green power, Black death" has also been published in German: Öko-Imperialismus

About this book:
"The environmental movement I helped found has lost its objectivity, morality and humanity. The pain and suffering it is inflicting on families in developing countries must no longer be tolerated. This is the first book I’ve seen that tells the truth and lays it on the line. It’s a must-read for anyone who cares about people, progress and our planet."
Patrick Moore, Greenpeace co-founder

"Paul Driessen has given us an amazing tour de force. He explores one of today’s most perplexing problems: the environmentally sensitive rich demanding that the Third World’s poor forego feeding themselves, solving their health and energy problems, and taking their rightful place among the earth’s prosperous people. Eco-Imperialism provides terrific intellectual ammunition and is outstandingly written. Very gripping to read."
Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Toward Tradition

"Developing countries need to be free to make their own decisions about how to improve their people’s lives. Activists who’ve never had to worry about starvation, malaria and simple survival have no right to impose their fears, prejudices and ideologies on the world’s poor. That’s the central message of this book. It’s a message that needs to be spread far and wide."
CS Prakash, Professor of plant genetics, Tuskegee University

Source: www.eco-imperialism.com

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