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Adapt or Die

Adapt or Die: Kendra Okonski

The Science, Politics, and Economics of Climate Change

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Zustand Neu
Autor(en) Kendra Okonski Verlag Profile Books
Sachgebiet(e) English Books, Öko-Wahn und Umweltschutz ISBN 1 86197 795 6
2004, 301 Seiten, Festeinband/Hardcover

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"Adapt or Die" is an essential introduction to the urgent international debate on climate change. It argues that the earth’s climate is not in fact changing disastrously, and that policies being pursued to prevent climate change will have negative consequences for consumers, taxpayers, and the poor.

Twelve expert authors argue that:

  • The earth’s climate has always changed and always will change.
  • Climate science is uncertain and models used to predict future conditions are not reliable.
  • The news media sensationalise possible effects of climate change, such as increases in disease, floods and hurricanes, but there is no evidence that this is occurring, or will in the future.
  • Attempting to prevent climate change by restricting ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions will be costly and futile.
  • Restrictions on energy use will hurt European citizens and businesses.
  • People in poor countries will suffer from the actions we take to prevent climate change, through slower economic growth and restrictions on access to much-needed energy sources.
  • The best approach to climate change is adaptation. For most people, this means escaping from subsistence agriculture, and creating wealth through sustainable development and access to technology.

Source: Profile Books

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