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On the Manipulation of Money and Credit

On the Manipulation of Money and Credit : Ludwig von Mises

Three Treatises on Trade-Cycle Theory

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Autor(en) Ludwig von Mises Verlag Liberty Fund, Inc.
Sachgebiet(e) English Books, Österreichische Schule ISBN 978-0-86597-762-4
2011, 250 Seiten, Taschenbuch

The three treatises in On the Manipulation of Money and Credit were written in German between 1923 and 1931. Together they include some of Mises's most important contributions to monetary and trade-cycle theories and constitute a precursor to Mises's major work, Human Action. In the first essay, "Stabilization of the Monetary Unit from the Viewpoint of Theory", written during the period of German hyperinflation, Mises discusses the consequences of the fluctuating purchasing power of paper money. He explores such ideas as the outcome of inflation, that is, the result of the increase in the amount of money, and an emancipation of monetary value from the influence of government.

The second essay, "Monetary Stabilization and Cyclical Policy", written in 1928, presents Mises's business-cycle theory. Published on the eve of the Great Depression, the treatise critiques schemes for stabilizing prices and for "measuring" purchasing power.

The third piece, "The Causes of the Economic Crisis", is a speech Mises delivered in 1931 exploring the nature and role of the market and cyclical changes in business conditions. He assesses the causes and effects of the crisis of the time and discusses various potential solutions to the problems of the Depression.

Source: Liberty Fund, Inc.


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