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Austrian Economics III

Austrian Economics III:  Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut

Innovation, Privatization and the Public Interest

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Autor(en) Verlag Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut
Herausgeber Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institut
Sachgebiet(e) Österreichische Schule, English Books ISBN 3902466022
2005, 128 Seiten, Broschur

This international BMVIT Conference brought together some of the leading scholars in the tradition of the Austrian School.  Their papers reflect on the latest socio-economic research done in the field of privatization and public-private partnerships (PPPs), especially concerning investments in infrastructure.  The options and compatibility of various systems of technology, transport and infrastructure within the EU – especially in Central Europe – were a primary topic, and duly noted by many of the leading foreign government officials attending the conference.

Furthermore, the discussion reflects how reforms in these areas would improve the competitiveness of (the Austrian) economy.

The conference intended to investigate the potential benefits of the implementation of free market ideas in transport infrastructural development, and to give economies – rather than simply governments – the chance to invest in infrastructural innovation.

Speakers noted evidence from several successful nations, and what policy makers in Central Europe can learn from these experiences.

The conference promoted not simply privatization in infrastructure but also the idea of the free, social entrepreneur – the driving force of innovation.

Source: Hayek Institut, Wien

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